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    "There’s nothing left in this world that isn’t hidden." -Glenn Rhee on Bethyl

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    Meanwhile on The Walking Dead, 


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    My name is Beth Greene.
    I am a survivor.

    Inspired by (x)

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    "I’m just used to it, things being ugly. Growing up in a place like this."

    - “Well, you got away from it.”

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  • When you love somebody, you don’t leave them behind.

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  • Norman Reedus for Emmy Magazine (x)

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  • "Daryl has not excelled with the ladies or the men before this season. He was like “If you hug me, I’m gonna stick a knife in your chest.” But we need to be true to the story, and when a relationship happens, it happens. I’m open to all of it."
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    So can't we just skip to Slabtown. And then episode 5x06 with Daryl in Beth mode, and then the MSF, and finally to the Bethyl reunion and then to S6 will Bethyl will be making the kisses, and making the cuddles, and making the sex. I just want more Beth/Bethyl. I can't handle the wait anymore.



    I feel you.

    Like I love the show and I would love it without bethyl and I know I’ll enjoy next week’s episode, but knowing beth is out there, and daryl is out there, and he’s looking for her, and we have to wait and watch rick and the hunters instead, ugh, it’s painful.

    Not that I’m not excited for Sunday, I’m just more excited for the week after. Like, a lot more excited.

    This is exactly how I feel. I love the show, but Bethyl is always in the back of my mind, lingering. It’s also kind of agonizing knowing that next week will not even have Daryl talking about Beth (most likely)…it will probably just be the last clip of him with Michonne as he shows up at the church.

    Mama Hardwick must be in utter turmoil right now. 

  • Smallvile: a summary


    Clark: I can’t imagine myself with anyone other than Lana.
    *enter Lois*

    Clark: I don’t think I’ll ever get over Lana.
    *enter Lois*

    Clark: What if I never find my soulmate?
    *enter Lois*
    *fan dancing with a sign saying soulmate and Clark still not getting it*


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    The Walking Dead x Assassin’s Creed 3 crossover